Weekend @ London's Part 1
London River realtimebondage 2017-03-11 18.99 credits Buy Movie
London is having a few of her closest friends over for a wild weekend of a few of their favorite things: barbecue, bondage and beatings. Typically, London likes to be the one at the handle end of the whip, but this weekend she's shaking things up and taking the tail. She wants the weekend to be all about her, and her friends are only happy to oblige her, giving London their full and absolute focus.

The handlers tie her up to the ceiling by rope around her wrists and her neck, wearing only her bra, her panties, her stockings, and the garter belt holding them up. O.T. is the first person to get a crack at her, using a single tail to whip her back, swinging his arm back and forth as she writhes. He decides the bra is too much coverage, and removes it for her before returning to the beating. He punches her ass and whips it some more until the whole back side of her is sore enough.

Once she's ready they tie up her knees and string her legs up to the ceiling so she is hanging there, her legs spread, her pussy exposed. Her friends take turns playing with her like this, rubbing her pussy and pinching her nipples so that her breasts sting and ache. When that isn't enough, they bring the whip back out and have a go at her tits and her stomach. It's a weekend all about London, and she's going to get the attention she deserves.
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