May I C...
What do you get when you hand over one blazing hot redhead to one of the masters of old school device bondage and discipline? Well, that's easy, actually. You get a bound beauty kept on the razor's edge of the most mind blowing orgasm of her life for so long that when she finally feels the release it leaves her dazed and confused. Cadence Cross is our super sexy submissive today and OT has more in store for her than she is able to handle.

Bondage isn't just foreplay, it's the whole game when OT is in control. Cadence is locked down with her ass up, showing off the perfect target for a bit of corporal punishment. This is a girl who gets off from feeling some pain so OT has no reason to hold anything back. He goes at her so hard that her ass starts showing off some bruises before he's even finished. Her pussy gets some battering of its own, leaving it wet and ready to get pounded.

How much does Cadence love the cane? She doesn't complain for a second when OT takes the big, thick rod he's been using to turn her ass black and blue and plunges it inside of her. Her eyes roll back in her head and she begins begging again, hoping that she'll finally be allowed to cum. So far he has only teased her with the vibrator but she hopes that if he is happy with her he may actually let her get off. It's humiliating to beg the way she does, but if her only options are to debase herself or spend the rest of the day on the edge of orgasm the choice is easy.
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