Fish Hooking Finger Gag
Abigail Dupree 2020-07-12 9.99 credits Buy Movie
Just watching Abigail Dupree show us her educated hole, her oral cavity; If you have an oral fetish, this video will have you cumming in your pants. She clearly displays that very well trained tongue by fingering, fishhooking, cheak spreading and fisting her large mouth hole. She opens wide to show you her throat as her slobber spreads on her hands and face. Dripping from the large dildo as it is pulled away from her open deep throat. A must see for mouth fetishes.

DEBRISx slave training: As a rule, any training will quickly reveal the personal limits of the slave, dissolve mental blockages, and in some cases, painfully question the certainties that are taken for granted. Training always means to work out the slave's existing predispositions. The training orients itself based on which skills are to be worked out with the slave; which role is sought by the Master.

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