Sweet Agony Part 2
Dee Williams realtimebondage 2017-02-18 18.99 credits Buy Movie
Dee Williams is back for the second installment of her three part live feed with us. This far into a live feed, our models tend to start to realize that maybe they weren't quite ready for what they signed up for. Maybe they've spread themselves too thin. We've decided to help Dee out reaching this conclusion by spreading her out ourselves across a St. Andrew's cross, her legs spread and her arms held down so she can't squirm.

Her breasts are tied off in a rope harness, turning them red and making them extra sensitive for our handlers to better take advantage of. Two of them take turns whipping up and down Dee's body, the lashes leaving red lines all over her body that sting and ache.

Our handlers then sit her down on a wooden block, her legs and arms strapped in with belt bondage. Her breasts are tied down on top of another wooden block so they are squeezed tight into place. Then the whips come back out, cutting deeper into her tits. To make it worse, they put a leather hood over her head, cutting off all the senses and making it hurt even worse. Then they take a hitachi and place it right on her clit, completely overwhelming her with vibrations.
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