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The receptionist here has a very interesting job. She doesn't just answer phones and tend to the waiting room, she also keeps an eye out for any tasty pieces of tail that come through the doors. Giving the boss a heads up when someone sexy comes knocking is a good way to earn a bonus.

Ivy Addams is a filthy little thing. She used the restrooms and didn't even clean herself up. OT grabs this hot piece of trash as soon as she comes out, and then it is party time. He tells her that if she goes with the flow things will be way easier for her. She doesn't want to listen. That's fine. The hard way is more fun anyway.

Neither of them knew when they started that Ivy was a pain slut. She was just spitting obscenities, so they didn't have much of a chance to talk about it or get to know each other. But when OT starts working her ass with the whip and her pussy with the flogger, she is dripping wet and on edge. When he starts blasting her clit with the vibrator she is suddenly singing a different tune. She's gone from "fuck you" to "fuck me", but neither wish is going to come true.
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