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Rain DeGrey realtimebondage 2009-11-30 49.99 credits Buy Movie
RealTimeBondage exists because there is no other place for the most intense cunts on the web to get their fix. PD puts it best himself. "It's not just a room full of sadists. It's an internet world full of sadists. We're simply the instruments." Rain is the bitch of the month, this time. Sure, she's a bit nervous, facing the collective will of the twisted. The members have a lot of questions they want answered. They need to know everything about her if they're going to take full advantage. She says pain is her favorite thing so they're going to give her plenty.

There are some things that you do to a slut that will make her moan. Other things can make her scream. But only the RTB crew comes up with ideas that bring her to tears with nothing but the anticipation. Rain's terrified of it, but she's helpless to resist. Even all of her fear can't prepare her for it. The pain is just worse than anything she has ever endured. And she loves every second of it.
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