Two Cute
Dolly Mattel     Bambi Belle    
2018-06-27, 45 minutes, 2,048 megabytes, 1280x720 HD
Credits to buy this movie: 16.99 credits
Bambi Belle and Dolly Mattel come back to INSEX to get tied up again and these two are too cute for words. Bambi starts off stark naked. She's given clothes to put on and is made to dress herself while in bondage. Once she's clothed she gets a mouth full of dick. She chokes and gags on it, but she takes it as best she can.

Then it's time for Bambi to get the rest of her holes filled. The same dildo still lubed from her throat is pushed deep into her cunt. An asshook penetrates her butt. Then the dildo finds it's way back in her mouth. Bambi gets it from both ends back and forth.

Bambi is tied up once again this time she's on one leg. She has to hold herself up. She's teased with the vibrator till she's begging to cum. Bambi is tied with Dolly and they are made to kiss each other. They keep stopping, but they are whipped until they start again.

Both girls are suspended facing each other. Each has a leg up with a foot in the other's face. OT suspends them together and vibrates them. They both are begging to cum.
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