Oh! My Goodness Part 3
Siouxsie Q realtimebondage 2014-07-12 18.99 credits Buy Movie
We've got Siouxsie Q flat on her back with her feet up in the air. The wooden frame she's locked to keeps her soles perfectly placed for a bit of caning action. Her ass is sticking out, practically begging to be taken advantage of by the same tools. A bit of bare handed spanking turns her cheeks bright pink.

We aren't through with her after a bit of spanking, though. We've got a brutal fucking machine that will pound her asshole relentlessly while the celebrator works her clit. Leather straps gag her but they don't keep her from screaming out when the ecstasy of orgasm overcomes her. She's in a total bondage lockdown with no way to avoid this anal assault. She loves it at first, of course, but when we crank the fucking machine to maximum after she has already cum she just wishes that she was doing anything else.

It's a fine wish for her to make until we have her bent over a metal frame with her ass up in the air. She isn't even standing on the ground, her high heels are hooked into the holes of the frame. Every cane stroke across her backside brings up a fresh, bright bruise and tears to her eyes. Maddy O'Reilly looks on and gets off, masturbating on the floor in plain view of Siouxsie.
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