[Archive] Girl Next Door
Rain DeGrey topgrl 2010-07-12 14.99 credits Buy Movie
Rain DeGrey loves her nice, neat life. She keeps everything clean, completely free of dust and especially devoid of spiders. She thinks of them as disgusting, eight-legged, walking terrors. So when Sister Dee drags her out into the middle of the woods and tosses her into a cabin full of her creepy, crawly nightmares she is crying for mercy in seconds. When she said she loved being a dirty slut, for some reason she did not anticipate this. SD even goes so far as to cover her in honey. Mentally it has Rain ready to break long before the physical pain even gets serious.
cabin     crawly     creepy     dirty slut     dust     everything     honey     mercy     middle     neat life     physical pain     reason     second     spider     terror     wood     
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