Newbie Knockout
For the debut performance of Shae Celestine on Infernal Restraints OT goes with some intense bondage. First she's gagged and attached to a post with her feet out behind her. With all of her weight on her knees she struggles to hold herself up by her strapaddoed arms.

Once her cloths are hanging from her youthful body in tatters OT uses her slippers to beat her all over. Her ass, feet, thighs, and perfect little tits are covered in a pretty pink glow. Then she's mounted on a foot torment device. Her toes are tied and stretched out to enrich her torment.

She's tape gagged, tickled, caned, teased, and pogo'd. Her cute little white panties are pulled down to reveal her sweet little cunt. She giggles as even that is tickled.
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