Yulia Catava

Yulia Catava has an Eastern European heritage and lives in the United States. Somewhat of a tattoo freak, Yulia has various writings and images inked across her body, and with her thick brunette hair sporting blonde highlighted hair wings, she has an alluring almost gothic appearance.

In her private life Yulia is a complete submissive. She enjoys extreme BDSM fetish action on a regular basis, and so it was simply a matter of time before she decided to do some BDSM modeling and acting instead of the more vanilla performing she had first tried.

In one of her very first on-screen performances Yulia was subjected to some savage submission that began with her wrists tied to her ankles and her elbows tied to her knees, leaving her completely wide open and available for anything he wishes to do with her.

Part of submission play isn't just the pain and degradation, or the bondage and discipline. Much of the associated pleasure comes from the build-up, the time after Yulia is tied up and bound and waiting for what comes next. The sweet anticipation of a submissive mind is what makes Yulia's pussy get soaked with juices before anything has even begun.

Yulia longs to be controlled by someone more powerful than she is. She wants to give up all form of resistance and submit to anything he or she wants to do to her. At Insex On Demand, Yulia gets her chance by the bucket load, as her clothes are ripped from her body, her soft skin is whipped hard by the lash of a thick leather crop and with every abuse and every torment she moans and gasps and her pussy continues to get wetter and wetter.

Total submission is Yulia's goal, and through the sizzling performance she gives in her on-screen BDSM action, she's definitely going to reach it!


OT   Yulia Catava  
hardtied.com - 2014-05-07
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