Tricia Oaks

Tricia Oaks was born and raised in California, USA. She stands a tall 5'8 and towers over many other fetish models. In 2006 Tricia increased her breast size from 32B to 32D and now she boasts a gorgeous 32D-24-32 figure. One of Tricia's favorite pastimes is gathering a collection of tattoos spread across that glorious body. From a butterfly between her breasts, a peacock on her left arm and shoulder, to flowers on her upper back and shoulders with some Japanese writing. She also has red and purple flowers on her lower back, a sparrow on her right hip and flowers on her right foot!

As well as body art and decoration, Tricia has indulged herself with many of her fancies, and that has led her to exploring BDSM fetish and discovering just how thrilling and exciting it feels to be dominated and completely controlled by someone else.

Tricia isn't picky about her Dom partners, whether they're male or female makes no difference as long as they take full command and punish her when necessary. Tricia is never in control during her BDSM sexual roleplay and that's exactly how she wants it to be.

At Insex On Demand Tricia appears in multiple scenes showcasing her extreme endurance when subjected to some intense pain and humiliation such as her tongue being stuck out and pinned with clothes pegs so she simply can't close her mouth. Ball gags, rope bondage, mechanical insertions and leather and chain restraints are just some of the pieces from the tool-kits Tricia's dom partners employ when using and abusing her delicious body.

When Tricia is being dominated and controlled she is completely immersed in her position as a submissive whore. She accepts the humiliation, and gets off on her own submission, her pussy usually dripping wet by the time the ropes are tied.


[Archive] Scream
Tricia Oaks  
topgrl.com - 2011-05-09
Buy: 14.99 credits

Tricia Oaks  
hardtied.com - 2011-04-27
Buy: 16.99 credits

[Archive] Canvas
Tricia Oaks  
topgrl.com - 2011-02-21
Buy: 14.99 credits

Tricia Oaks  
infernalrestraints.com - 2010-10-15
Buy: 19.99 credits

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