Tia Ling

Tia Ling is a Cleveland, Ohio native with a very petite frame at just 5'1, and the kind of passion that makes her seem much taller. Older than the usual performer, Tia entered the adult industry at a later age becoming a MILF sensation from her steamy hot gangbangs and obvious natural lust.

While Tia enjoyed performing for an audience, she also wanted to fully explore the new world of BDSM fetish she'd just discovered in her personal life. What better way to immerse herself in this new offshoot to her sexuality, than by having a very experienced Dom partner show her exactly what is expected of her.

Tia has welcomed such opportunities with open arms, and at Insex On Demand some of her most savage and extreme BDSM scenes can be viewed.

Even though Tia is on the short side, she has generous breasts and a flexible body giving her Dom controller the chance to contort her body into distressed positions, bind and whip her until she cries and screams. The whole time a magic wand is buzzing her clit and labia to orgasm over and over leaving her a trembling wreck. Since she is bound by ropes at the ankles and thighs while thick rods restrict and squash her breasts making them swell and discolor, Tia is at the complete mercy of her tormentor and they're going to teach her a thing or two during their sessions with her.

Tia is a gorgeous Asian honeypot with a delicious body that can endure some extremely rough abuse that just makes her pussy wetter and wetter with each lash of a whip, every binding that tightens the flesh across her body and every moment she relinquishes full control to her tormentor. Her journey of BDSM discovery is definitely an arousing vision.


Turd Says Part 1
Tia Ling  
realtimebondage.com - 2010-09-23
Buy: 18.99 credits

Tia Ling  
hardtied.com - 2010-03-03
Buy: 16.99 credits

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