Penny Pax

Penny Pax is a blonde girl who is a submissive in the quiet student style. Her thick glasses that she sometimes wears reinforces innocent student look. Long before she got into porn, she was a big fan of watching girls get fucked and has always explored her sexually deviant side with the men and women in her life. For a petite 5 foot tall girl who weighs only 100 pounds or so, she is surprisingly durable which makes her fun to play with because her sexual skills can be adapted to a variety of scenarios.

When the camera starts rolling, you can tell Penny Pax thinks she is cute. She is the kind of girl who never walks past a mirror without stopping to look. Shaming her is an essential part of her BDSM training on Insex on Demand. An extroverted submissive is one thing, a show off is something else entirely. Watch how innocent, meek and shy she becomes during breath play. The pornstar quickly fades away with each gasp and the soon we are left with something actually interesting, a genuine girl who wants to thank her mentors and the audience for giving her a new opportunity to regain their trust.

SexuallyBroken.com features this pocket sized pornstar in several scenes that other subs might not be able to pull off, which demonstrates her innate flexibility. For a little one she has a nice full figure with big natural tits that are good binding points for rope or devices. Penny Pax is smart enough to maintain her bare shaven pussy, and always avoids having any stubble on her cunt without pre-approval.
One scene that comes to mind regarding this submissive wench is when her tits are bound and her mouth is gagged. Her legs are shackled and bound so that they are spread wide and soon enough a big black cock approaches her pink pussy and drives hard inside. With her arms shackled too there is nothing she could do even if she wanted to, but you can see in her eyes that she wants nothing more than to stay and be used. The second guy approaches and now it's his turn to use her pussy however he wants to and he fucks it fast and hard. After she is fucked by both Jack Hammer and Matt Williams her ordeal is not over as they start finger fucking her until her eyes roll back in her head with the first of several orgasms. A big vibrator is applied to her clit which only brings her to more orgasms as the day goes on.

Insex On Demand has several more real sex videos that demonstrate the dirty demeanor and filthy submissive skills of a sexually broken girl who will do anything to please anyone when instructed to follow her true nature. So many porn whores are quick to give up their holes, but few have demonstrated the corollary ability also give up their souls with the same temerity as Penny Pax.


Tiny Feet
Elise Graves   Penny Pax  
hardtied.com - 2014-08-06
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Flexible big breasted Penny Pax in a brutal back arch, shackled to a sybian & made to worship cock!
Matt Williams   Penny Pax   Jack Hammer  
sexuallybroken.com - 2013-12-11
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Tiny little red head, Penny Pax takes on huge black cock, brutal deep throating massive orgasms!
Penny Pax   Matt Williams   Jack Hammer  
sexuallybroken.com - 2013-11-25
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Tiny, big natural breasted redhead Penny Pax fucked into the ground by 2 dicks!
Penny Pax   Matt Williams   Jack Hammer  
sexuallybroken.com - 2013-11-01
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Blondes in Bondage
Penny Pax   Sarah Jane Ceylon  
infernalrestraints.com - 2013-06-14
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Expanding Experiences
Penny Pax   Elise Graves  
hardtied.com - 2013-05-22
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Apartment 345: A Feature Presentation of Real life fantasies from your favorite porn stars!
Matt Williams   Penny Pax   PD  
sexuallybroken.com - 2012-11-19
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Greedy Cunt
Penny Pax  
hardtied.com - 2012-10-03
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Penny and her natural huge tits, is brutally ass fucked, throated, made to squirt!
Matt Williams   Penny Pax  
sexuallybroken.com - 2012-09-14
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Girl next door in a Cat 5 Hogtied breast suspension
Penny Pax   Matt Williams  
sexuallybroken.com - 2012-08-17
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Pigtails and Panties
Penny Pax   Matt Williams  
sexuallybroken.com - 2012-07-06
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