Mia Rider

Petite South Korean beauty Mia Rider moved to America with her family when she was 8. She moved around the country quite a lot while she was growing up, and in her adult years she chose to settle in Los Angeles, California. After graduation Mia began a full-time marketing degree at college, and chose to use her impressive figure to help her make some cash. The money she made helped her to support herself during her student days, while the adult modeling and acting simultaneously gave her an outlet for her growing sexual hunger.

One of the most noticeable features of Mia Rider's physique is her magnificent all-natural pair of 34DD breasts, and on her 5'1, 34DD-25-33 frame that extra-large size is even more evident. Those big breasts are the source of much satisfaction for her Dominant partners, particularly those inclined to bondage. Huge breasts like Mia's can be bound with rope restricting circulation with powerful effects; essentially turning her tits into massive reddening globes.

Mia enjoys being bound, handing over control of her body and her pleasure to her Dom partner and becoming powerless and immobilized. At the mercy of another who can bring both extreme pain and extreme pleasure at will, Mia's tiny body is subjected to leather whips lashing against her buttocks, feet, ass and anywhere else her tormentor wishes. This is the kind of submission that keeps Mia coming back for more as her pussy and the rest of her body experiences the abuse and suffering she craves.

As well as the pain and submission, Mia also endures rough throat-fucking that makes her gag and choke as she's so savagely face-fucked she's not even given the chance to breathe. The degradation and humiliation she suffers will only add to her arousal. Mia is a slutty submissive always ready for more.


Hot Asian with huge natural tits, gets brutally skull fucked, tight bondage, and squirting orgasm!
Matt Williams   Mia Rider  
sexuallybroken.com - 2012-11-26
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