Melody Jordan

Melody Jordan was born in Ohio and raised in West Virginia, USA. Her father was a professional photographer and she was introduced to the world of fashion at an early age. During her formative years Melody began dancing and she studied ballet, jazz, and modern dance, along with learning how to play the violin.

Dance has always been a major part of Melody's life, and that has not changed into her adulthood, she still dances every day. While dancing is one of her passions, Melody also became interested and passionate about fashion and modeling. Watching her father working the camera to capture some amazing shots, and seeing how great she looked in photographs, Melody decided it was worth it to give modeling a try.

Ambitious and dedicated, Melody soon jumped into adult modeling and performance, even though her parents objected. She shone in front of the camera; her long red hair striking against her pale skin. Her figure toned and supple as a dancer, her smile wide and bright and her pale gray eyes dancing with sexuality and mischief. It didn't take long for an offer to perform in an adult movie crossed her path, and she eagerly accepted the job, thrilled that she could plunge so easily into the adult entertainment world.

Melody enjoys fetish. She loves to be tied up, she always wanted to try more and with her new career she discovered she could do so in a very safe environment. Testing her boundaries at Insex On Demand, Melody experiences nipple clamps, extreme bondage, rough deep-throat blowjobs and being made to cum until it makes her scream from sensitivity.

It's obvious she's made to be used and abused and controlled, as her pussy drips with her arousal, proving she's a total submissive slut ready to be entangled, disciplined or punished.


21yr old girl next door, brutally skull fuck, bound in splits, vibrator ripping orgasms out of her.
Melody Jordan   Matt Williams  
sexuallybroken.com - 2013-07-01
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