Lila Katt

Lila Katt is quite an enigma. She burst onto the BDSM fetish scene in 2009 and has been delivering powerful submissive scenes ever since. Her history before the adult entertainment industry is vague and Lila herself is not very forthcoming about her past. Of course, the past is only one part of someone's life, and for Lila she sure seems to be making the very most of her present and trying to cultivate a successful future.

As a BDSM fetish performer, Lila has explored numerous fetishes, bondage techniques and is easily controlled by a Dom partner willing to take her as his own. With a tight body, fleshy breasts and a willingness to be used and abused as hard as her Dominant partner wishes, Lila has been bound, flogged, caned, humiliated, and treated exactly the way she deserves to be treated; like a filthy whore who should be grateful for any attention she gets.

Lila craves the tight sensation of pain on her body. She gets incredibly wet when clothes pegs are pinned to her body, pinching small chunks of her skin and leaving the kind of marks that take days to heal. Lila doesn't care though, she wants to be the best submissive she can be, and when that means being humiliated or made to suffer excruciating agony, then she will endure.

Lila doesn't limit herself to humiliation and pain though. She has been tormented in more ways than she can count. From rough deep-throat blowjobs to heavy weights clamped to her nipples and clitoris, and intricate rope bondage that leaves her suspended with all orifices wide open for whoever wishes to use her and abuse her in any and every way possible.

At Insex On Demand Lila's scenes are savage, intense and highly arousing for any lover of BDSM fetish.


It Part Three
Lila Katt  
realtimebondage.com - 2011-03-05
Buy: 18.99 credits

Sealed with a Kink
Lila Katt  
hardtied.com - 2011-01-12
Buy: 16.99 credits

[Archive] Lila in Red
Lila Katt  
topgrl.com - 2010-10-11
Buy: 14.99 credits

Maximum Security
Lila Katt  
infernalrestraints.com - 2010-10-01
Buy: 19.99 credits

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