Leilani Leeane

Leilani Leeanne hails from Lancaster, California and has a very distinctive appearance. Her long flowing black hair frames her heart shaped face, and it's easy to see how this beautiful model could capture the attention of a producer through her modeling work and be invited to enter the adult entertainment industry.

For Leilani, it wasn't a hard decision to make at all. She was keen to explore a career in the adult industry and jumped at the chance with gusto. After appearing in some award-winning scenes, Leilani favored something a little different, something kinkier and more exciting. Hey presto she arrived at the doorstep of Sexually Broken and her fate was sealed.

Leilani's heritage is part Filipino, part Puerto Rican and part African American. Her soft skin shines under the bright lights as she is suspended mid-air using thick ropes to bind her wrists, elbows, shoulders and ankles for complete domination and submission. In that position, Leilani cannot move, she cannot do anything but comply with her Dom partner's demands.

In one particularly riveting scene, Leliani receives an intense anal pounding while roped up in the scorpion position with her legs bound above her back stretching her feet as if they were a stinger. The only person being stung here though is Leilani as her body aches from the extreme contortions.

There's a whole lot to Leilani than at first meets the eye, and it's truly a pleasure to watch her degradation and humiliation conducted at the hands of a bondage expert. From the ropes that bind her to the canes that slap her skin, no matter what kind of painful punishment or obedience training she must endure, Leilani will prove she is everything a submissive filthy whore should be! At Insex On Demand you can be treated to her many kinky antics!


Man Handled Skull Fucking in the Extreme
Leilani Leeane   Matt Williams  
sexuallybroken.com - 2012-08-22
Buy: 6.99 credits

Leilani Leeane   Matt Williams  
sexuallybroken.com - 2012-07-13
Buy: 6.99 credits

Ass fucked & Scorpioned
Leilani Leeane   Matt Williams  
sexuallybroken.com - 2012-06-15
Buy: 6.99 credits

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