Kristine Kahill

Kristine Kahill has a contagious smile, a happy-go-lucky frame of mind, and a very slender and lean figure. She is 5'5 but petite in stature, with long angular limbs that are very flexible.

Kristine was introduced to the world of BDSM and fetish at just 18 years old. From her very first taste she was addicted and craving even harsher and harder action than she'd already experienced. Unable to contain her enthusiasm, Kristine sought out like-minded fun individuals to share her taste for being controlled as a submissive and being exposed to pain and humiliation in every way possible.

After a couple of years of wild adventurous exploration into the BDSM fetish world, Kristine had uncovered an exciting lust for being watched. Her pussy got ten times as hot and dripping wet when there was an audience to watch her suffering and enjoy her humiliation. This new enlightenment brought Kristine to a brand new path that entered into the adult entertainment industry.

Unsure if she was ready to make the plunge, Kristine tested the waters with some mild BDSM action before committing 100% after experiencing the type of hardcore rough bondage she craved during a particularly punishing scene for Sexually Broken.

While Kristine may appear fragile and vulnerable, it's remarkable just how much pain and physical contortions she can endure. A resounding spirit accompanies this waif of a girl who looks ready to drop as heavy weights are applied to her 32A breasts while her pussy is rammed from underneath by a thick rubber dildo. Her sexually dominant partner has complete control of her body as she is tied with thick rope bondage that binds her limbs tightly, immobilizing her totally.

All this savage BDSM action makes Kristine's pussy drip with pure pleasure as the punishment continues and her submissive nature is fully sated.


Super Cute Girl Next Door runs the sexual gauntlet on the squirt couch. Bondage and rough sex!
Matt Williams   Kristine Kahill  
sexuallybroken.com - 2013-06-12
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20yr innocent girl next door, finds out what bondage & deep brutal throat fucking are all about!
Matt Williams   Kristine Kahill  
sexuallybroken.com - 2013-05-20
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Cute 20yr old girl next door gets completely sex destroyed. Brutal deep throating, hard fucking!
Kristine Kahill   Matt Williams  
sexuallybroken.com - 2013-04-29
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