Kristine Andrews

Kristine Andrews is a tall, healthy brown-haired, brown-eyed Southwest USA native with a passion for sports. Whether it's watching or playing, Kristine is a very physical person and she thrives on the competition and adrenalin that comes from playing and competing in team sports.

As well as her athletic abilities, Kristine is also an accomplished artist; drawing and sketching nature scenes, and experimenting with numerous art styles, except for body art as she's still tattoo free. At 5'8 Kristine stands tall and lean, with an hourglass figure and striking facial features that have left many men spellbound.

For the Doms she encounters though, an enigmatic sparkle in her eyes lights up and she knows that she's going to experience the ultimate combination of artistry and physicality from the intense suspensions, rough throat-fucking and intricate bindings that will serve as her home for hours until she is allowed to be released from her torment.

Kristine is an active submissive, meaning she also partakes of the BDSM lifestyle on her personal time. In fact, she enjoys herself so much that when the chance arose for her to be filmed being used as a submissive slut, she couldn't do anything but emphatically say yes. The resulting scenes are extreme, savage and highly authentic as Kristine is put through her paces, her body stretched into uncompromising positions that leave her twisted into unnatural shapes. She is left to sit on her own at times, awaiting the next visit from her Dom tormentor.

When she's left alone with her thoughts like that, while all power of movement has been removed, she pictures the many kinds of torture that may await her, and that anticipation alone starts her pussy cascading with arousal. For a true submissive slut like Kristine, being given the chance to be degraded for a worldwide audience is a dream come true.


Nightmares at Summer Camp Part Two
Kristine Andrews  
infernalrestraints.com - 2010-05-28
Buy: 19.99 credits

Begging Holes
Kristine Andrews  
hardtied.com - 2010-02-10
Buy: 16.99 credits

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