Jade Indica

Jade Indica was born and raised in New York, but she's a country girl at heart. While growing up she would spend more time at the park than in the urban city, and she eagerly accepted every chance she got to expand her horizons and explore the rest of the country.

Once Jade became an official adult, she chose to enter the modeling world. Her gorgeous petite and tight frame made most modeling jobs an impossibility, but Jade's inner glow and fantastic personality helped her to land some sweet jobs that helped introduce her to the adult entertainment industry. Comfortable with her own sexuality, Jade has been living the bondage and fetish lifestyle for several years and so when the opportunity presented itself for her to shoot some BDSM adult footage she excitedly said yes.

At Insex On Demand Jade can be seen fully immersed in the lifestyle. So much so it's almost as though the camera isn't there. Jade is focused on her Domme partner, eager to obey and please her with complete submission. In one scene, Jade is set to experience electrical play for the first time. She doesn't quite know what to expect, and that's all part of the arousal factor for Jade.

She's willing to do anything commanded of her, and so even though she didn't expect to have an electric prod shoved into her tight anus, she squeals with delight and trembles with the intense shock as the voltage jolts her body into strange contortions, making her lose complete control of her limbs. After most of her performances Jade heads home to enjoy even more BDSM action in her own home inspired by her activities of the day. When you see this gorgeous brunette beauty splayed wide open and ready for every hole to be violated, you won't want to turn away!

For video-format reasons, most of Jade's Insex work is available on our subscription sites at the following links:

Rope bondage for Jade Indica
More ropes for Jade
PD puts Jade Indica in device bondage
PD picks up hitchhiker Jade
Jade submits to Sister Dee
Jade submits to Claire Adams


Jade Indica   Claire Adams  
hardtied.com - 2011-03-30
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