Delicious Asian beauty Gaia, is built like a goddess, which is apt since she takes her name from Greek mythology and the Goddess Gaia; who was considered the personification of the Earth. With bulging breasts and a statuesque physique, Gaia looks like the kind of woman nobody would ever think to mess with, and that's why her preference for submission provides even more satisfaction.

Being able to control a beauty like Gaia, to savagely throat-fuck her, to tie her up and completely immobilize her, to do whatever you want to her body, holds even more allure given her practically Amazon like figure.

To see her massive breasts constricted and bulging red and swollen from lack of circulation, while her throat is being hammered and her wrists are tied behind her back is the kind of experience Gaia's audience regularly enjoys. When she is at the mercy of her Dom controller she craves his approval and is willing to accept any form of punishment, pain, humiliation or degradation that he wishes to employ to satisfy his need to completely own her.

Gaia is so keen to be used and abused that she often has more than one Dom partner controlling her, spanking and caning her, inserting mechanical devices as well as thick hard cocks into every orifice. She fantasizes about much of the action she receives on screen, and she considers herself lucky to be able to become the ultimate submissive cockslut she's capable of being, with the added excitement of a worldwide audience for that journey!

While Gaia has enjoyed suspension bondage, she prefers to be tied up on the ground and placed on her hands and knees to be thoroughly wrecked at both ends simultaneously. At Insex On Demand, Gaia experiences some brutal fucks and BDSM sessions, and she loves every minute of it!


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