Crystal Frost

Crystal Frost is a Pennsylvania native, from the town of Clarion. She is just 5'4 and boasts a healthy 34D-27-35 figure and a great outlook on life that helped her take the bold step into modeling. It takes real gumption and courage to put yourself in a position to be judged purely on your looks, and Crystal has that kind of spirit. She regularly pushes herself past most ordinary barriers to experience the unconventional and unique.

Naturally, as a result of her readiness to pursue the extraordinary, Crystal experimented with numerous types of modeling before discovering the fascinating world of BDSM fetish. Once bitten twice shy they say, but for Crystal, once she was bitten by the BDSM bug, she was smitten with everything it could offer!

Modeling swiftly became performing in front of a camera as Crystal explored the entire BDSM niche. From whips to ropes, leather to cages, mouth-gags of all kinds to numerous suspension bindings that leave her body completely vulnerable to any extreme punishment or intense stimulation her Dom partner wishes to administer, Crystal wanted a taste of everything. To her she viewed it as a simple philosophy; how can you know if you like something until you've tried it?

With a mindset like that, it's no surprise that Crystal can be viewed in multiple BDSM fetish scenes, usually doing something different than she's ever done before. This type of approach to her submission makes Crystal Frost's performances extra special, because you never know exactly what you will see. Perhaps she will be subjected to electric shocks on her clit, maybe she'll be strung up with her wrists and ankles bound tightly while she dangles in the breeze. Crystal keeps things fresh, and her authentic submissive nature encourages true arousal when watching her in action.


Crystal Frost  
hardtied.com - 2010-10-20
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