Claire Dames

Claire Dames was born and raised in California. A mixed European and American heritage gives her a somewhat exotic appearance with her brunette hair and soulful eyes. She was very popular in high school and for good reason. Claire has always been tenacious, pushing everything to its limits, and that includes her personal taste for exhibitionism.

Not only does Claire get naked in public for thrills every now and then, she has also gone so far as to be arrested with 5 other people for a public gangbang porn shoot! Claire doesn't do anything by half, so it's little surprise that with her bubbly outgoing personality, gorgeous body and striking face, combined with her naturally high sex-drive and lust for exhibitionism that Claire chose to enter the adult entertainment industry.

One of the first things most people notice about Claire are the massive 36DD breasts on her healthy but petite 5'4 frame. For a BDSM aficionado, within those huge breasts lay hours of torment and teasing that will most likely involve at least a little bit of rope work. Claire is very experienced with being tied up. She enjoys exploring her submissive nature in her personal life as well as on screen, which makes the intricate rope bondage that she endures even more arousing.

Being tied up isn't all that Claire enjoys though. Once tied up she knows the true torture and torment is about to begin, with her body fully exposed and vulnerable, she could be whipped or caned, subjected to foot torture, and maybe even drilled by mechanical devices deep and so hard into her pussy it makes her cry out amid her satisfied grunts and moans. At Insex On Demand, Claire's exhibitionism is taken to even greater heights as her degradation and submissiveness is savagely explored while being broadcast to a worldwide audience.


Claire Dames  
hardtied.com - 2013-01-02
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