Chloe Parker

Chloe Parker is a screamer. Perhaps it's a result of growing up being a horror flick fan, but her screams echo as her body is exposed to painful whip lashings, bamboo canings and all kinds of BDSM torments that leave her skin on fire and her mind wasted from being made to be so helpless and humiliated at every single opportunity.

Chloe is an exhibitionist who also loves pain and degradation. It is her absolute joy to be treated like a nasty slut who should be spat on, pinched, trodden on and generally put down. When she encounters a Dom mistress she is even more open to the abuse as she thrives on being a woman's toy, for sex or pain or anything she wants. Chloe practically purrs when her wrists are bound and she's left at the mercy of her masterful Domme partner.

Along with being a submissive, Chloe loves to eat pussy and is very talented with her tongue. She has learned to be obedient so that she can be treated to the joys of her Domme mistress's sweet pussy, having her face ground into those juicy folds until she's choking for air and screaming to be allowed to breathe, turning her Domme tormentors pussy into a vibrating mess of orgasmic juice that squirts all over Chloe's face. This kind of treatment is exactly why Chloe endures as much pain and suffering as she does. So she can reap the rewards of her obedience with a face full of pussy and a mouth full of sweet cum.

At Insex On Demand Chloe's submissive streak is fully on display in multiple scenes of BDSM fetish action that includes Chloe being bound, whipped, caned, gagged and used like a dumb whore until she's a slobbering mess with her skin covered in fresh red welts.


Chloe Parker  
hardtied.com - 2010-12-08
Buy: 16.99 credits

[Archive] Take Down
Chloe Parker  
topgrl.com - 2010-11-08
Buy: 14.99 credits

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