Cheyenne Jewel

Cheyenne Jewel lives in Las Vegas, Nevada and loves to get in front of the camera. From an early age Cheyenne loved to play dress up, and when she turned 18 she decided to start taking those pretty clothes off to reveal her even prettier body.

Cheyenne stands just 5'5 tall with a healthy figure that is lean while also shapely. Her breasts are a smaller 34B, but her whole appearance; soft tanned skin, long brown hair and bright blue eyes, is definitely captivating.

Cheyenne enjoys showing off for her audiences, and when she discovered the pleasure of BDSM fetish, Cheyenne was hooked and raring to explore the many crevices of the BDSM world. One of her first explorations involved a lot of rope bondage. For the very first time Cheyenne experienced complete immobility. Her feet, ankles, knees, wrists and shoulders were all bound tightly with rope and she was suspended from the ceiling feet first.

That's just the beginning of Cheyenne's adventures into bondage and discipline. She also enjoys being completely humiliated, and that comes across very clearly in her scene at Infernal Restraints. She is stripped naked, chained at the ankles and feet, her head and wrists placed in stocks leaving her completely vulnerable and ready to be used in any way her Dom partner desires.

Cheyenne enjoys giving up control of her body and allowing someone else to decide what she will and won't experience. When her pussy is being fucked harder than she's ever been pounded before, she squeals and cries out but the relentless drilling continues until she's vibrating with orgasm after orgasm, left with little time to catch her breath between the next earth-shattering explosion inside her loins.

At Insex On Demand you can watch Cheyenne enjoy the painful pleasure that is BDSM fantasy, and her submissive fantasies become a very exciting reality!


Working out the Assets
Cheyenne Jewel  
infernalrestraints.com - 2011-12-30
Buy: 19.99 credits

Jewel in Denial
Cheyenne Jewel   Claire Adams  
hardtied.com - 2011-11-30
Buy: 16.99 credits

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