Annika Amour

Annika Amour was born and raised in New York, in the United States of America. A diminutive 5'6, Annika has an extra lean physique of just 31A-25-30, making her look practically breakable. After graduation Annika headed to NYU as a student. For a side job she tried her hand to become a freelance fashion model but quickly discovered she could make a lot more money working as a nude model. At that time she was also working as a go-go dancer on the Lower East side.

Annika made so much money as a nude model she decided to take a flight to LA and film a few movies. From that day onward, Annika knew exactly what she wanted to do for a living.

Annika had always felt like she fit on the outskirts and edges of society, but when she discovered kink fetish and BDSM action, she knew precisely where she belonged. In Annika's private sex life she prefers to be the dominant partner. As a Dom she feels it's her obligation to regularly subject herself to the other side of the fence, and roleplay as a submissive slut.

Though it's a challenge sometimes, Annika loves every moment she is bound and at the complete mercy of another human being. Whether she's going to be violated with mechanical devices, made to cum repeatedly until she feels like her body simply can't take anymore, or humiliated and degraded in the most painful and savage ways, Annika is ready to submit in every way possible.

At Insex On Demand, Annika can be seen enjoying the painful lashes of domination as her ankles and wrists are bound together while a variety of items are inserted into her tight pussy. This is the kind of submissive action Annika loves to use for her own domination.


Annika Amour   Claire Adams  
hardtied.com - 2011-12-26
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