Alyssa Branch

Alyssa Branch is a Detroit, Michigan native who was very sporty while growing up. She could always be found enjoying one sport or another, with a particular preference and talent for gymnastics.

A natural blonde, Alyssa enjoys creating new looks for herself all the time and regularly changes her hair color to brown, red, brunette and anything else that might take her fancy. While diminutive in height at just 5'4, Alyssa has the kind of good looks that can never be ignored, and as a former gymnast she has an amazingly tight and athletic body.

Alyssa's physical fitness certainly stands her in good stead for one of her other pleasures; BDSM and roleplay. Highly flexible limbs means she can be twisted and shaped to whatever position her Dom controller desires, whether that's being hogtied, stretched wrist to ankle, or contorting her body through a variety of ropes bound around her wrists, ankles, hips, thighs, stomach and throat. Alyssa is far from shy and proudly takes the abuse.

During one of Alyssa's scenes for Hard Tied, she is subjected to the fury of a thick leather whip from her Dom partner. That whip loves her flesh and cracks hard before lashing her and leaving red welts and harsh markings along with the searing pain across Alyssa's fair skin. That whip proves to be a most effective punishment device for Alyssa. Her body is on fire from her stinging flesh, but her loins and her arousal are in over-drive, her pussy wet as can be and her imagination flying wild with images of what may be next.

Alyssa's natural submissiveness combined with her athleticism makes her one hot sub to watch on screen. She gets worked over pretty hard, but that's what she yearns for; savagery and being controlled.


Bring A Whip
Alyssa Branch  
hardtied.com - 2013-09-11
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