Brooke Johnson   Stephie Staar  
infernalrestraints.com - 2018-09-21
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Summers Lovin
Coralee Summers  
hardtied.com - 2018-09-19
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Hybristophilia: The Throne episode 5
Hazel Hypnotic  
renderfiend.com - 2018-09-18
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412 is a sultry brunette with a very slim physique, and she enjoys every inch of her body. Raised in rural America, 412 became immersed in BDSM fetish as soon as she turned 18. Her long sexy body looks fantastic tied up in rope and leather, and her pussy drips wet with anticipation every time she's about to be caned. She loves to be bound, she cums when her pussy is beaten with a cane, and she always asks for more.

412 doesn't like to go by a name, she views herself as a full submissive and as such, a number is all she needs for recognition. 412 is 100% an exhibitionist as well; always ready for the next display of her complete obedience and painful punishments in front of an audience. Her pussy throbs and pulses with torment after each caning, but that just makes her hotter and even wetter as she tries to ride the waves of pain through to the aftershocks of pleasure that overwhelm her body.

412 is willing to go places many other BDSM models simply won't enter. For 412 she's at the top of her game the rougher she is treated and the more humiliated she becomes. Whether her Dom tormentor is a man or woman makes no difference to 412, she'll take punishment from anyone willing to control her and make her submit.

In a savage scene at Insex On Demand, 412 has her head placed inside a box crate. Encased from the neck up, all 412 can hear are muffled commands and the heaving of her own breath as each exhalation makes her feel more confined. Practically suffocating with her head in that box, 412 was getting aroused from the complete loss of control from domination by another. 412 is tried, tested and truly the kind of girl who can take a whipping, be chained up and still be begging for more!

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